Booklet Newsletters 5.5 x 8


Stunning quality will engage your readers and leave them thirsty for more.

  • A wide variety of paper
  • Several different folding styles
  • An assortment of sizes
  • Matte or gloss finish

JAN Printing is the place to go to get newsletter printing. Newsletters are a great way to tell people what’s been going on lately and keep everyone up to date with current events for a club, organization or house of worship. Newsletters can let people know that changes to your products or services are coming soon. We’ve done newsletter printing for thousands of different customers including small businesses, schools, teachers, professors, restaurants, houses of worship, nonprofits and more.

JAN Printing has a wide selection of paper options to choose from. Whether you need it thin, thick, glossy, matte, on white paper or coloured, JAN Printing provides you with the type of newsletter printing you need. If you need your newsletter folded, bound or in the booklet, JAN Printing can help. You can order any quantity you want, we never force you into specific quantities and with our top of the line equipment, JAN Printing can provide the best quality at the best price for your printing needs.

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